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Sound Effects About Bad Habits & Vices Like Drinking & Smoking

Sound effects regarding the popular post-riding activities of drinking beer and smoking. These sound effects and wav files are about the bad habits & vices that drivers and passengers enjoy aside from driving. Download these free sounds for use on your own personal website, or to give voices to your 4x4 and ATV off-road driving movies, video clips & photos.
"Homer no function beer well without."
"Homer no function beer well without." from Homer Simpson.
"I don't puke when I drink..."
"I don't puke when I drink. I puke when I don't." from the movie Kingpin.
"Mmmm... beer"
"Mmmm... beer" from Homer Simpson.
"No, no... beer bring pain!"
"No, no... beer bring pain!" from Homer Simpson.
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