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ATV Safety Equipment: A Chest Protector

A chest protector can prevent punctures and crushing of the torso


A chest protector, a.k.a. "body armor", provides protection to the chest and back. Injuries can be inflicted by punctures from flying debris and crashing or being crushed in a crash.

Protection During a Fall

Child riding a youth sized ATV
Matt Finley

A chest protector can protect your torso from injury during a fall. The tough plastic construction will absorb much of the impact and help prevent broken/cracked ribs, punctures from rocks, branches and other impediments, and scrapes and lacerations.

Protection From Debris

A chest protector protects the upper body from flying debris such as rocks, dirt and branches.

When riding in groups it is especially important to wear a chest protector. Debris from other ATV riders can be thrown up from tires and hit riders behind them.

Protection From Crushing

A chest protector provides limited protection from being crushed during a crash. The torso has most of the important organs in your body and keeping them safe in a crash could mean the difference between riding back to camp and getting air-lifted to the hospital.

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