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About the ATV Safety Institute


ASI Student Learning to Ride an ATV with Instructor

ASI Student Learning to Ride an ATV with Instructor

Matt Finley

Safety First:

The ATV Safety Institute (ASI) promotes the safe, responsible use of ATVs in a manner that's easy to understand. ATV safety is always the first priority and it seems to come natural to the entire staff, which in turn makes it easy for them to get students to understand the concepts behind the basic ATV safety standards when they learn to ride.

Once the students start thinking about the why's of ATV safety, the how's come more easily. Pointing out how a helmet can protect your head in a fall instead of simply telling them they have to wear a helmet tends to get their attention better.

Respect for the Environment:

The ASI is very active in providing a comprehensive ecological experience. They realize that in order to continue to enjoy OHV's on public land we all have to do our part to respect the environment.

The trail system at the Colton facility was very comprehensive and have a pretty diverse arrangement of native vegetation and the instructors explain them to the students.

The clearest example of biological knowledge came in the form of washing your quad after a trail ride.

Something for Every ATV Rider:

The ASI tries to provide diversity when they design their trail systems for the ATV safety course. The Colton facility is a great example of their efficiency.

Although very closely knit together, the varied ATV trail systems provide a very comprehensive ride for the students.

The All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute (ASI) provides ATV safety training for everyone 6 and older.

They have expert instructors that are very personable and knowledgeable in the field of ATV safety. Not only do they know ATV safety, they know how to explain it to others. That makes a huge difference for kids because kids don't have any pre-conceived notions about ATVs.

Kids are taught to not just wear a helmet, but to wear a helmet to keep your head protected when you fall. They are taught that a seat isn't as big as it is so you can ride passengers, it's that big so you can move around on it to make the ATV go where you want it to. It makes a difference when the students know why, not just what.

Diverse Trail Systems

The Colton, California training facility has a very diverse trail system. It exposes ATV riders to a variety of different riding experiences with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

It's got several stages of technical riding including whoops, mud, stairs, rocks and moguls among others. It has high berms, a bowl and steep, high-crested ridges to practice navigating on your ATV.

The ASI facility in Colton also teaches students about different eco-systems that are affected by ATVs. They explain why certain kinds of plants can hitch a ride on your quad and infect entire areas if it comes off the quad and is able to start growing somewhere besides where it was picked up.

All in all, the experience you get at an ASI RiderCourse is a good one. If you've got kids and they ride, you already know ATV safety is a top priority. So taking them to get certified is only going to help ensure their safety.

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