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Everything you need to know about Yamaha ATVs, SxS and UTVs


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The Different Types of Yamaha OHVs
Everything you need to know about Yamaha ATVs, SxS and UTVs

Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS SE


Yamaha OHVs come in many different types and sizes to suit just about every want or need. There's a very good chance there's a Yamaha ATV that will suit your needs whether they're for work or for play or for both.

There are three different types of 4 wheeled OHVs produced by Yamaha, they are the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) which is typically used for sport and recreation, the Utility Vehicle (UTV) which is a work-horse and the Side by Side (SxS) which is a multi-passenger golf-cart type of OHV.

Sport ATVs

Yamaha sport ATVs come in all sizes to satisfy all ages and riding styles. They have longer suspension, quick-revving motors and are very light-weight. They are used in professional racing and recreation alike and are very popular.

The most popular Yamaha Sport ATVs are the Raptor sport ATV. They come in sizes from 90cc all the way up to 700cc. The Yamaha Raptor ATV is reliable and comfortable and for 2011 they've come up with a first of it's kind Raptor 125 Sport ATV that has full size power and suspension. There's also a narrow Raptor YZF450X Trail ATV that's designed for tighter trail racing.

Smaller Yamaha sport ATVs are for the kids and bigger ATVs are for the adults. This is important because of safety issues related to kids riding adult sized ATVs. Kids aren't big or strong enough to make the quad turn properly so they are prone to rolling over.

Utility Quads

Utility quads like the Grizzly 4x4 utility are big, heavy work-horses that are designed to carry and tow heavy loads. They often come in 4 wheel drive versions and more recently power steering.

Even though the Yamaha utility quads are built to work they're also fun to ride and can, to some extent, be used for recreation. They're much heavier than sport ATVs and can be more sensitive to the size of the rider when it comes to being able to control it.

There are a lot different accessories you can buy for Yamaha utility quads including hunting, farming, events and even corporate uses.

Side by Sides

One of the newest versions of the Yamaha OHV lineup is the Rhino Side by Side (SxS). This is not a ride-on type of ATV, it's a ride-in. It resembles a golf cart but is much more powerful and has suspension.

The Yamaha Rhino SxS is built to carry multiple passengers and cargo. They can go many places other OHVs can go and are used for recreation to a large degree.

SxS are quickly replacing utility quads when it comes to event coverage. They're also used by law enforcement and safety personnel. They can be highly customized and modified for use in fighting fires, emergency evacuation and others.

The many different types of Yamaha OHVs puts them in the running with the top of the field. They effectively and convincingly design and build serious competition in every aspect of OHVs.

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