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Arizona Off Road Driving Trails and Maps For 4x4 Trucks and 4WD SUVs

Here are the most popular trails and maps for offroad driving locations in and around Arizona. The best places to take your 4x4 truck or 4WD SUV off road!
Ajax Trail (AZ)
Located near Florence Junction, there are lots of rock obstacles here, plus a few 2-4 ft. waterfalls, but there are also by-passes around them. Here are detailed directions, trip reports, and photos.
Anaconda (AZ)
Located north of Phoenix, the Anaconda is one of the toughest trails in Arizona; quite possibly the toughest trail. For more info, check out the trip reports.
Axle Alley (AZ)
Located near Florence Junction, this trail starts with several major waterfalls requiring the use of a winch. For more info, check out the trip reports.
Bumble Bee Creek (AZ)
This a relatively short but very challenging trail. Lockers (front and rear) and at least 33's are highly recommended. Here are pictures.
Butterfield Stage Route (AZ)
A short, scenic section of the 2,800-mile mail, freight and passenger route trail (from Missouri to San Francisco). No rocks, just dirt trail and some loose sand/dirt along the way. Stock four-wheel drive vehicles will have no problem.
Charouleau Gap (AZ)
A challenging 19-mile trail with rock, ruts, and stream crossings. Photos and trail description here.
El Oso Mine (AZ)
El Oso trail is the old ridge trail that runs north along the ridge line from Four Peaks. It goes to the El Oso mine and another mine.
Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Stage Route (AZ)
Here are detailed directions for this 12-mile trail through the Kaibab National Forest.
Flat Tire Canyon (AZ)
Near Florance Junction, Flat Tire Canyon heads toward the Ajax Mine area and then up a steep box canyon. A few pictures here.
Florence Junction Area (AZ)
The Florence Junction area offers a multitude of trails in varying degrees of difficulty. Martinez Canyon is located in the desolate Florence Junction area which is just east of Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun.
FR 42 (AZ)
Detailed directions, map, and review.
Gas Pipeline Trail (AZ)
Located near Black Canyon City, the Gas Pipeline is a nice trail that should take 2-3 hours to run, depending on how many vehicles you have. Photos with descriptions here.
General Crook Trail Loop (AZ)
This scenic tour includes roads FH 3 and AZ 87 which are paved. All Forest Roads are gravelled and suitable for sedans. Here are detailed directions, contact info, and a map.
Harquahala Mountain Byway (AZ)
You can see for miles in a 360 degree panoramic view once at the top. Any stock 4x4 can make this run easily. Photos here.
Highway Of The Devil (AZ)
Here's a trip report, along with turn-by-turn GPS coordinates from Highway 85 south of Ajo.
Hot Wells Dune (AZ)
Off-highway vehicle driving in sand dunes is popular here. You'll find detailed directions and BLM regulations.
Lake Pleasant to Crown King Trail (AZ)
Detailed directions, map, and review.
Martinez Cabin (AZ)
Located near Florence Junction, Martinez Cabin is a wonderful trail for the "new" 4-wheeler with his stock vehicle and family. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-i-o1rmlqw
Martinez Canyon (AZ)
Located near Florence Junction, Martinez Canyon has to be one of the most beautiful canyons south of the Sedona AZ red bluffs. To reach the trailhead you travel over rolling hills of desert cactus, shrubs and trees. For more info, check out the trip reports.
Miners Revenge (AZ)
Miner's Revenge is located south of Superior, and it's a 4+ trail that has a 15' waterfall that requires a winch. Photos here.
Mud Springs (AZ)
Located off of Beeline Highway, you must have at the minimum a rear locker and 31's for this 8-mile trail. Front and rear lockers and lots of lift are badly needed for this one.
Plateau Lakes (AZ)
This scenic drive just south of Flagstaff features a collection of large and small lakes fill natural depressions in the area's volcanic caprock. FH 3 is paved. FR 213 is graveled but suitable for passenger cars in most weather.
Powerline Trail (AZ)
The Powerline Trail does a figure 8 as you travel along the powerline, up a off-camber hill and then back down to a grassy meadow and back up another slippery "switchback" trail.
Predator (AZ)
Predator is not long in length, but it definitely doesn't lack anything for the ultimate 4x4 challenge. For more info, check out the trip reports.
Raw Deal - Lower (AZ)
North of Phoenix, this 1.2 mile trail begins and ends in a wash. It offers a little bit of something for everybody. Many of the obstacles can be taken with varying degrees of difficulty, and a couple can be bypassed. For more info, check out the trip reports.
Raw Deal - Upper (AZ)
Located north of Phoenix, this is an extention of the Lower Raw Deal Trail. It's short with 5 or 6 good obstacles ending with an uphill water climb with several small ledges. For more info, check out the trip reports.
South Patagonia OHV Area (AZ)
These mountains offer a perfect place to take a drive on the mining and ranching roads that wind through the range. Here are detailed directions and contact info.
Sunflower Mine (AZ)
The trail starts not far off of Highway 87 north of the 4 Peaks area towards Payson. Winding up and down, the average elevation on the trail is higher than most of the other Phoenix area trails. This makes for generally cooler wheeling.
Turkey Creek (AZ)
Located near Bumble Bee, the Turkey Creek Trail runs up the Black Canyon from Bumble Bee to Cleator.
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