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Anti-SUV: Reasons You Should Not Own A Sport Utility Vehicle

Many types of vehicles have fan clubs, but SUVs may be the only one with a HATE club! Here are all the reasons you should not own an SUV. All the downsides of sport-utility vehicles are highlighted here.
4 Wheel Drives
We catch ourselves actually watching those ridiculous car commercials, lulled into a vegetative state by the farm-league studio rock and sleek sport-utility vehicles snaking down a leafy single-lane.
A Trend That Will End?
A list of reasons that the SUV is an unwise purchase.
Annoying Things About SUVs and Trucks
This article does not apply to you if you buy an SUV for legitimate uses such as going off road (gravel and snow doesn't count).
Anti-SUV Radio Ad
This radio ad lampoons the anti-SUV phenomenon with dialogue between a pompous, hypocritical senator and his smart (if naive) aide. The senator spouts anti-SUV venom, only to be corrected with the facts by his staffer.
Are Hummer Owners Idiots?
More delightful proof positive that most SUVs are, in fact, morally repugnant.
This anti-SUV article is a fun read.
Bumper Mentality
The bigger the SUV the bigger the jerk? A review of Keith Bradsher's book, "High and Mighty: SUVs".
Come Wreck Your SUV
Watch the video, and check out the photos of these guys blowing up a perfectly good Nissan Pathfinder SUV. Why did they do it? And why are they encouraging you to do it too? Check here.
Dangerous And Expensive To Insure
Sport utility vehicles have been posting some pretty impressive numbers over the past several years. Unfortunately, some could be bad news for both your health and bank account.
Fair & Balanced: Why SUV's Suck
A site that shows there is a good time and place for an SUV and a really dumb place for an SUV. Interesting point of view.
Friends Don't Let Friends Drive SUVs
These gas-guzzling machines are hastening the undoing of the outdoors and rapidly polluting those beautiful skies.
How SUVs Have Been Ducking Regulations For Decades
The story of the SUV is a story of how auto manufacturers bob and weave and evade standards. It's a textbook example of how a big industry manipulates the political system for profit.
How The SUV Ran Over Automotive Safety
This is the age of the SUV. The question is: What is safe?
I Want A Better SUV
They believe automakers could do better, expecially when it comes to SUVs. Do you?
Sport Utility Vehicles Suck
Here's a list of all the myths SUV supporters cling to in their hopeless attempt to justify the unjustifiable, and the facts as they really are.
SUV Fad: A Public Menace
Here's one person's perspective of the SUV: it's a fad. Some interesting facts and points of view in this article.
SUV Tickets
Order your own SUV tickets (or print them out online). They're VERY "real" looking, and cost $5 for 25 tickets.
SUVs Are A Danger On The Road
Bigger is not necessarily better. Here’s a practical look at the drawbacks of owning an SUV. A good activists' website.
SUVs More Harmful To Children Than Minivans
Sport utility vehicles are the second most popular choice of vehicle for transporting children – behind minivans – but they are twice as deadly for children as minivans and more dangerous to children than large or mid-sized passenger cars according to this study.
What Would Jesus Drive?
A means to help Christians and others understand that our transportation choices are moral choices.
Why Do SUVs Suck Offroad?
An offroader's explanation of how technically inferior SUVs are, strictly from an engineering point of view.
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