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Before You Buy A Jeep Wrangler


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Jeep Wranglers are tons of fun to drive, but just how practical are they to own? Here are the biggest things you should consider before you buy a new or used Jeep Wrangler.

Is A Wrangler A Smart Purchase?

A Jeep Wrangler should never be bought on an impulse. There are too many unique factors (good and bad) that go along with owning a Wrangler. You've probably thought of some of them, but odds are you haven't considered all of the benefits and drawbacks of owning a Jeep.

How Can You Be Sure A Wrangler Fits Your Lifestyle?

You must test drive a Jeep Wrangler before you buy one. If possible, test drive it more than once. Jeep 101 (hosted by DaimlerChrysler) provides you with the perfect opportunity to test drive a Wrangler. They have both on- and off-road courses, so you can see just how it rides under a variety of conditions.

Are You Ready To Get Noticed?

The camaraderie with fellow Jeepers is one of the biggest benefits of owning a Jeep, especially a Wrangler. From mega Jeeping events to local clubs and activities, you'll quickly find that you aren't simply blending in with the other drivers on the road when you own a Jeep. You get noticed. And when you own a Wrangler, you no longer "drive" from one place to another; instead you "experience the adventure" of getting from one place to another.

Hard Top? Soft Top?... Which Accessories Will I Need?

One of the trickiest things for a new Jeep owner to decide is which accessories to purchase and in which color schemes? There are so many choices... And while you may enjoy the convertible features that come from driving around in a Jeep, there are times when you'll appreciate having some coverage overhead -- either in the form of a soft top or a hard top. Consider the following when purchasing accessories for your Jeep.

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