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Clinton Kibbin's 1987 Chevy Truck

Westport Island, ME


"Crissy" is nearly unstoppable in the mud. While the exterior might look like an everyday ride, you can rest assured that is far from reality under the hood.
1987 Chevy Truck

1987 Chevy Truck

Email: samaros@sbcglobal.net


Ride Description:
This is a 87 Chevy rebuilt from the ground up.

Fuel injected 350ci 305 heads hooker headers and K&N roller rockers and a performance cam 330 hp to the rear wheels, and only like 500 miles on it.

6" suspension lift 35 12.5's new turbo 350 and cooling unit with electric fan and it is almost unstoppable in the mud.

Her name is Crissy.

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