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Checklists: What Do To & Take Offroad 4-Wheeling

Use these checklists so you don't forget to take along some necessary off road equipment on your next 4-wheeling or ATVing trip. Here's everything you need to consider when it comes to: basic survival gear, first aid kits, safety and recovery gear, camping gear, tools, and parts to bring on the trail. Know what to pack and how to equip your vehicle before you go off road!
Best 4-Wheeling Checklist: What To Pack
Before you head off road, use the following checklists to make sure that your vehicle is up for the trip, your on-board toolbox is properly stocked with the right tools, you take along the right spare parts, and basic first aid supplies & survival gear, and pack some optional accessories that could make the trip more fun.
Camping Checklist For 4-Wheelers
Helpful first-hand advice regarding clothing, food, fires, backpacks, Sleeping bags, stoves, lights, toilets, water purification, and more. Great tips for off road drivers who are interested in camping along the way.
ATV Carry List
This ATV Carry List is includes all the things ATVers should carry out on the trail. Some winter riding items are also listed.
Equipment List for All Types of Offroading
An excellent listing of all the necessities for 4x4 off road trips of all "difficulty levels". Includes which items to keep in your basic toolbox, specific 4WD equipment you'll need in and on your vehicle, possible vehicle upgrades that may be necessary, and a maintenance checklist - all based on the degree of offroading you plan to do.
How Prepared Do You Want To Be?
A offroaders guide for how to pack differently depending on whether you're interested in a) going with "just the basics", or b) being "well equipped" for a variety of circumstances, or c) serving as "a rolling service station" for yourself and others who might get stuck along the way. Tips for determining which tools, parts, miscellaneous stuff, fluids, and extrication gear to take along.
Often Overlooked Items
This is an outfitter's guide to long range off-roading. Included are the often-overlooked things that you will want to be sure to include.
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