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1978 K5 Blazer Gallery

What was new in 1978? New features included; available fold-up rear seat. recessed floor behind front seat for more rear leg room. available power windows and door locks, brushed metal door trim and instrument panels (Cheyenne models). The '78 K5 Blazer also featured a newly styled, smaller diameter steering wheel and high-back bucket seats.
Ray's 1978 Chevy Blazer
Ray and his son did all the work on this themselves, including paint. Lots of mods; this ride is a real attention grabber.
MuddReaper's 1978 Chevy Blazer
With a new 540 motor and a NOS system, MuddReaper should attract attention on and offroad.
Jason Anderson's 1978 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer
Check out Jason's list of mods on this '78 Blazer. It should go just about anywhere. The roll cage adds an element of safety as well.
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