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Freestyle - Thoughts on Basic Technique - Swimming - About.com
What is your mental picture of a freestyle swimmer? This is one result from an exercise to quickly describe different elements of freestlye swimming.
Breathing Tips while Freestyle Swimming - About.com
The most common question I hear in the triathlete world about the mysteries of swimming efficiently usually involves something with breathing. In freestyle, it is ...
Faster Freestyle Swimming Technique - About.com
I believe the freestyle swimming pull-pattern has changed, but more in how it is described, not on what actually happens. This newer swimming pull pattern does  ...
Freestyle - Figure Skating - About.com
In figure skating, the word "Freestyle" has more than one meaning.
Freestyle Snowboarding - About.com
Definition of Freestyle Snowboarding. Includes a brief example.
Learn to Swim Freestyle or Front Crawl - Swimming - About.com
If you are comfortable in a swimming pool, can hold your breath underwater, and you want to learn how to swim freestyle (you might also call it front crawl) you ...
Freestyle Stroke (Front Crawl) Swimming Drills - About.com
A swimmers guide to performing several freestyle technique improvement drills to help make a swimmer's freestyle swimming faster and improve swimming ...
Freestyle Swimming Hand Entry Position - About.com
Where does a swimmers hand enter the water during freestyle swimming?
Swimming Better - Learn to Swim Freestyle on Your Side - Do it and ...
When we learned to swim freestyle as children, most of us swim flat in the water, with little or no hip rotation as our arms are doing the majority of the work.
How to Swim Freestyle Video
The freestyle stroke is a common and useful stroke to master when learning to swim. Learn how to effectively swim the freestyle stroke in this how-to video from  ...
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