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Freestyle - Thoughts on Basic Technique - Swimming - About.com
What is your mental picture of a freestyle swimmer? This is one result from an exercise to quickly describe different elements of freestlye swimming.
Freestyle - Figure Skating - About.com
In figure skating, the word "Freestyle" has more than one meaning. A freestyle session is a practice session. Freestyles are different than public skating sessions.
Learn to Swim Freestyle or Front Crawl - Swimming - About.com
If you are comfortable in a swimming pool, can hold your breath underwater, and you want to learn how to swim freestyle (you might also call it front crawl) you ...
Breathing Tips while Freestyle Swimming - About.com
The most common question I hear in the triathlete world about the mysteries of swimming efficiently usually involves something with breathing. In freestyle, it is ...
How to Swim Freestyle Video
The freestyle stroke is a common and useful stroke to master when learning to swim. Learn how to effectively swim the freestyle stroke in this how-to video from  ...
Freestyle Stroke (Front Crawl) Swimming Drills - About.com
A swimmers guide to performing several freestyle technique improvement drills to help make a swimmer's freestyle swimming faster and improve swimming ...
Freestyle Snowboarding - About.com
Definition of Freestyle Snowboarding. Includes a brief example.
Freestyle Swimming Arm Recovery - Where's the Swimmer's Elbow
How you move your hand from the exit to the entry matters in every stroke. Here is how to do it for freestyle swimming.
Swim Better Freestyle - Lessons Swimmer Alexandre Popov
Improving a Swimmer's 100 Freestyle. Swimming Lessons Learned from World Record and Olympic Swimmer Alexandre Popov. By Terry Laughlin. Share this ...
Faster Freestyle Swimming Technique - About.com
I believe the freestyle swimming pull-pattern has changed, but more in how it is described, not on what actually happens. This newer swimming pull pattern does  ...
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