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1987 Ford F250
1987 Ford F250




Ride Description:
This truck is the culmination of five year's work.
Called Project Responder, the truck was created from an '87 Ford F250 which was completely disassembled and then built from the ground up.  The goal of this undertaking was to create a show truck that will be equipped for nearly any emergency to which a volunteer firefighter might be called upon to respond. The project ended up with over 140 sponsors.
The truck has a custom built 460 under the hood mated to a custom heavy duty C6 tranny.  The suspension has over ten inches of lift setting on 36" tires.  It has a Stahl service body in place of the bed with which to carry it's emergency and rescue tools as well as a self contained firefighting skid unit in the bed which holds 150 gallons of water along with a pump and 75' of hose.  It's custom electrical system boasts a high output alternator putting out over 200 amps along with a 3,000 prosine power inverter.  It also has a plethora of emergency vehicle lights including strobes, LED's and halogen warning lights along with two electronic and one mechanical siren.  The list of accessories and modifications are too numerous to list but you can get the full scoop from the Project Responder website.

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