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Mike Moreno - Los Angeles, CA
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1974 IH Scout II1974 IH Scout II1974 IH Scout II1974 IH Scout II1974 IH Scout II
1974 IH Scout II



Ride Description:
My Scout has a 345 engine. 3" body lift, leaf over, reverse shackle, Dana 44 front & rear w/410 gears. A 12lb warn winch sitting in the front, the wheels are Weld Super Singles on 38.5 Ground Hawgs.

The best thing, I think, about my Scout is the interior and paint; I love the color. The upholstry matches the exterior, orange with white stripes running in the center. Front seats are off a 92 BMW I used to own. Also, the sound system includes 2 sets of Infinity component speakers for the front and rear, two Pheonix Gold amps mounted inside the rear seat, so I wouldn't lose space. The head unit is a JVC AVX1 which has a 3" TV monitor and cd/dvd player with am/fm in the dash (detachable face), and for bass (gotta have the bass), 10" Solo Beric kicker sub inside the center console. All the sound system was done by me, BMA Big Mike Audio, independent installer as a hobby.  Big Mike out.....

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