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GMC has a number of trucks and SUVs in its product line: Envoy, Sierra, Yukon (Denali & XL), Sierra, and Sonoma. GMC's minivan is the Safari.

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Model year specs, road tests, test drives, and personal reviews from a number of sources for GMC's complete line of pickup trucks, SUVs and minivans: Envoy, Yukon, Sonoma, Sierra, and Safari.

Replacing the Sonoma in 2004, the Canyon is GMC’s midsize pickup truck. It is available in Regular, Extended, and Crew Cab versions.

Based on the GMC Jimmy, while featuring premium treatment inside and out, the GMC Envoy was first introduced in 1998.

Unlike most minivans, GMC's Safari is a truck-based vehicle. It was introduced in 1985.

Since its first year in 1988, the Sierra (1500) has been GMC's best selling truck as a light-duty model. In 2001 GM introduced a Heavy-Duty Sierra line (2500 and 3500) of pickup trucks.

Introduced in 1982 as the S-15 compact pickup truck, this GMC truck was renamed Sonoma in 1992.

This full-size GMC SUV was originally called the Jimmy when it was introduced in 1982. The Yukon (Denali & XL) is surprisingly agile and parks like a dream.

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