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Dodge offers something for everyone from the standard pickup truck (Dakota), to the heavy-duty hauler (Ram), to the versatile sport-utility vehicle for family fun (Durango) and the family minivan (Caravan).

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Dodge's Durango is their only SUV on the market today. The Caravan is their long-standing entry in the minivan market.

Introduced in 1983, as one of the first minivans to enter the American marketplace, the Dodge Caravan has been the world's best-selling minivan for 16 consecutive years.

This Dodge truck broke new ground when it entered the market in 1987 as a midsize pickup -- the first of its kind. Although classified as a "compact" truck, it's larger and more powerful than most of its competitors.

The Durango Dodge's sport-utility vehicle. It was introduced into the Dodge lineup in 1998.

The Ram pickup was introduced in 1994. It is available in three progressively heavier-weight forms: as a standard (1500), as a heavy-duty hauler (2500), and as a "dualie" with dual rear wheels (3500).

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