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Chassis Saver Stops Rust

Primers or top coats are not required


Chassis Saver

Primers or top coats are not required and can be applied using a paint brush or spray equipment.

Chassis Saver is a one step, rust stopping underbody coating that can be applied directly over tight rust or sandblasted metal. The product requires no primers or top coats and can be applied using a paint brush or any type of spray equipment. Chassis Saver works by isolating metal from oxygen and moisture and without these factors present, rust can effectively be stopped permanently. Film integrity is practically bullet proof and so spectacular that for demonstration purposes, a thin steel panel that's been coated with Chassis Saver can be bent as far as you would fold a sheet of paper without even cracking.

The product has been sold for truck and commercial fleet maintenance but only recently has been made available to the professional and do-it-yourself restoration market. Eric Rosenthal, VP & Tech Director stated, "We've had a good deal of print media coverage over the past 18 months (160 publications) for the product and last month a short feature spot on TNN Trucks"! National distribution is expected to cover North America by late 2003, currently Chassis Saver has 80+ distributors listed on their web site.

At this time, the U.S. military is evaluating Chassis Saver on ground vehicles in Okinawa Japan. Military officials claim this is one of the worst environments for corrosion. The Ohio DOT claims that Chassis Saver has reduced by 50% the amount of refinishing they need to do on their fleet of snow and ice removal equipment subject to salt and liquid calcium chloride.

Chassis Saver is available in a high gloss black, silver-aluminum (commonly used for marine and commercial fishing boat maintenance) and new antique-satin black for factory original auto restoration.

To learn more about Chassis Saver and Magnet Paints, visit their website: http://www.magnetpaints.com

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