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How to Find Backspacing
From your 4-wheel drive/SUVs Guide

Backspacing is the space from the part of your rim that bolts to your axle to the edge of the part of the rim that is closest to your frame - the inside of the rim.

Difficulty Level: Easy    Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Jack up one corner of your rig, making sure that at least one of the wheels on the ground is blocked in front and in the rear of the tire so the rig doesn't move.
  2. Take the wheel you raise off the ground completely off your rig.
  3. Lay it flat on the ground with the part of the rim that faces to the outside of your rig down.
  4. Place a straight edge across the part of the rim now facing up which should be the inside for your rim.
  5. Using a tape measure, yardstick or ruler to measure from where the holes are in your rim are that the wheel studs go through to the part of the straight edge resting on the rim.
  6. You now have your backspacing.


  1. The tire should have enough air out of it enough so it doesn't interfere with the straight edge.

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